What formats will I receive my files in?
I will ensure that you receive your files in accordance to guidelines. This will vary depending on your project and printer, but the below list will give you an idea.

  • Desktop publishing (Print advertising, magazine designs,  posters/flyers,  business card design, brochure design, etc.):  .PDF,  CMYK,  300dpi,  with bleeds as requested. If bleeds are not given,  I will default to .125″ bleeds (1/8th”).
  • Logo Design:  Vector formats (.SVG & .EPS),  Web-ready image with transparencies (.PNG), and 300dpi print-proof (.PDF). Additional formats,  such as .JPEG or .BMP,  are available by request at no additional charge.
  • Vector Illustration (T-shirt designs, customized vector art,  posters/flyers,  computer illustration):  Vector formats (.SVG & .EPS) and 300dpi print-proof (.PDF). Additional formats (.PNG, .JPEG) available by request at no additional charge.

When do I receive my files?
Files are sent after payment is received unless a.) a letter of agreement has been signed or b.) multiple transactions have taken place with prompt payment, at which point files will be sent up front and billed in good faith.

What forms of payment to you accept?
I accept payment by Paypal (all major credit cards), and by check by mail.

Tax Time:  What is your obligation, what is mine?
My obligation is to provide you with a W-9 form and file honestly,  your obligation is to provide me with the 1099 to file and file honestly.  Current tax law states that a 1099 is required if the contractor is paid more than $600 during that tax year (https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/forms-and-associated-taxes-for-independent-contractors).  If you have paid only by Paypal, you will not receive a form from me and I do not need one from you:  Paypal sends their own tax statements each season.