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Desktop Publishing/Print Advertising:

Blue Stallion Brewing Co. Slam Dunkel Label (.pdf, 1.31mb)

GirlsGirlsGirls Burritos Menu (.pdf, 1.70mb, "save link as...")

Harrison's Roofing Pamphlet (.pdf, 3.99mb, "save link as...")

Netherland Rubber Line Card (.pdf, 4.5mb, "save link as...")

SafeCare Magazine Covers (.pdf, 3.60mb, "save link as...")

Busted Tabloid Covers (.pdf, 3.31mb, "save link as...")

FCQS Employment Application (.pdf, 108kb)

Harrison's Roofing Door Hanger (.pdf, 2.18mb, "save link as...")

Home2Suites by Hilton campus Ad

BMK Ventures, Full Page Ad (.pdf, 1.70mb)

As You Wish Vacations Ad (.pdf, 984kb)

Unity Health of Arkansas Advertisement (.pdf, 949kb)

SafeCare Advertisement (.pdf, 794kb)

School Fund Center Envelope and Booklet Design (.pdf, 1.3mb)

Vector Illustration:

Signature Club of Lansdowne Tshirt Designs 2017 (.pdf, 957kb)

Kentucky S.A.V.E TShirt Design, Spring/Summer 2015 (.pdf, 70kb)

1/2 Page Ad for Third St. Stuff & Coffee, Lex Pride Publication (.pdf, 688kb)

Illustrations for GirlGirlsGirls Burritos 2017 (.pdf, 101kb)

Bourbon Barrel Kentucky Inspired Illustrations (.pdf, 335kb)

Coffee 101 Diagram

Victory Supply, Inc. Glassware Designs:

Smartphone Lock Screen Wallpapers:

Third Street Stuff & Coffee Button Designs:


FCQS Chrysler Presentation (.pdf, 3.86mb, "save link as...")


NewHeights.biz Animated GIF:


School Fund Center Video Intro Animation (.pdf, 768kb)


BMK Ventures/Rally Point Tactical Flyer Pack (.pdf, 2.42mb, "save link as...")

Bluegrass Trail Racing Series Flyer (.pdf, 1mb)

Franklin County Youth Wrestling Poster (.pdf, 1.46mb)

KY Spray Foam Insulation Flyers (.pdf, 1.96mb)

School Fund Center 2-Sided Flyer (.pdf, 1.60mb)

Paris Landing Flyers (.pdf, 1.17mb)

Paris Landing Kayak Sale Flyer (.pdf, 1.90mb)

Kentucky S.A.V.E. "Adopt A Hero" Flyer (.pdf, 247kb)

Blue Stallion Brewing Co. Flyers/Posters (.pdf, 4.30mb, "save link as...")

NYE 2016 at The Beer Garden @ Al's Bar Flyer (.pdf, 2.50mb, "save link as...")

BlamBags Product Displays (.pdf, 951kb)


School Website Sponsors Mailer Brochure (.pdf, 2.08mb, "save link as...")

ES&S Mirror Brochure (.pdf, 937kb)

Hemp Highway of Kentucky Brochure (.pdf, 3.14mb, "save link as...")


Golf/Basketball Schedule Magnets (.pdf, 2.90mb, "save link as...")

Cable Channel Lineup Days Inn & Suites Magnet (.pdf, 1.36mb)

High School/KY National Guard Magnets (.pdf, 822kb)

Postcards/Business Cards:

Paris Landing Wedding Postcards (.pdf, 1.66mb)

#LexCoffeeTrail 2016 Drink Punchcards (.pdf, 0.99mb)

Social Media Marketing:

BlamBags Facebook Setup (Cover/Profile photos)

Harrison's Roofing Facebook Setup

Stella's Kentucky Deli Instagram Ads:

Paris Landing Instagram Ads / Facebook Event photos:

Web Design Advertising Elements:

Banner & Tower Designs

Current Sites:

Scott Interest Limited Partnership (WordPress)

Hemp Highway of Kentucky (Pioneer Merchant page built from scratch, the rest in Wordpress)

Third Street Stuff & Coffee (WordPress)

Harrison's Roofing (WordPress)

Bullfrog Industries

Stella's Kentucky Deli (WordPress)

ES&S Mirror (WordPress)

Karrie Bickett | Photographing Life (WordPress)

BlamBags (Shopify)

StrideMaster USA

Wheeler Pharmacy

Smokin' Jax Grill

Past Projects (no longer active):

Atomic Cafe (2010)

Access Adoptions, Inc. (2008)

The Fallen | Band (2008)

Johanna Gertz | Model & Artist (2008)

Amber Johnston | Photographer/Sculpter (2007)